Tip Top Softwares has a ready solution out of Box Ready to run Day 1 for the Hotel Services Management 

We  have Service Industry Leading SERP (SERP- SERVICES, EFFECTIVNESS, RESOURCES And PLANNING) Solution, which majorly caters the entire operational, management and planning needs within the Hotel Industry.

SERP solutions Fill the Gap  left in the core requirement of Hotels service delivery pipeline that consists of 

  • One platform for entire technology integration requirement that can talk to your PMS 
  • Cloud based hybrid data solution ready to run day one   
  • HUM ( Human utility Management ) end to end employee life cycle management beginning with job posting to exit 
  • Flexible Roaster and time management ( specially designed roaster management with flexible timing and PTO options required by service industry )
  • Organization Communication embedded platform
  • Performance and planning Management
  • Operations Management
  • Reputation Management 
  • Guest information broadcasting and management
  • Complaint Management
  • IOT pipeline
  • Training Management
  •  Knowledge management 
  • Asset Management 
  • BI and AI reporting and forecast