TipTop Planet provides a platform for building smart city governance solutions :

We propose a five step solution: Gather Information ( using our TTWIKI) Organize Information ( Group and move information to (TTKMS)) Analyze Information ( Using our Patent (Pending) utility Engine ) Use the Information ( Using our TipTopManager ) Track performance and results ( Using TipTopPoint)

We believe where pencil can work in no gravity situation why build a Pen ? Hence, the whole focus is to provide a plug and play platform creating an Eco system that is decoupled and reduces repetition which most companies offer by providing the same basic solution but packaging and presenting in different ways making the whole thing expensive and complex.
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Delivering Advanced Performance, Communication, Collaboration and Incident Management Capabilities To Governments

Public safety for government to support your business objectives.

Meet the challenges of public safety in emergency situations, it is critical for responders such as law enforcement, emergency response and transportation management agencies to have access to the right information at the right time. Yet the ability to communicate and collaborate across agencies is often hampered by an inadequate or outdated communication infrastructure. Many times, critical information is inaccessible and scattered throughout various organizations and across multiple jurisdictions.

The end result: An inflexible infrastructure that can potentially hinder the performance of first responders — and possibly compromise the safety and security of the public at large.

TipTopMail Delivers advances communication capability

Empowers emergency first responders to securely communicate and collaborate within and across government and non-government agencies

  • Allows field personnel critical access to a complete view of timely information from remote locations
  • Enables real-time analysis and resource allocation through spatial analysis and visualization
  • Provides seamless integration of scattered, heterogeneous data

Today’s government agencies are challenged to build a secure information-sharing and collaboration environment that:

  • Allows for secure, collaborative communication for a rapid coordinated response during emergency situations.
  • Enables Web-based, remote instant messaging and awareness among all multiple members of the emergency response team.
  • Leverages existing systems to maximize inter operate ability and prior IT investments.
  • Can be developed within the strict budget restraints common in today’s public sector environment.
  • Help drive improved time to value and reduced costs.

TipTop Smart City Solutions for public safety helps governments speed response to emergency situations by providing:

  • Integrated communication, collaboration and Knowledge Management services to quickly share information anytime, anywhere — from across government agencies and private organizations.
  • Fully integrated reporting and tracking of incidents to give first responders a complete view of developing situations.
  • Enable information sharing, situational analysis, and advanced communication

To help government organizations solve today’s safety and security challenges we provide government organizations with a fully integrated emergency response solution that:

  • Enables advanced communication and real-time collaboration across first response teams.
  • Provides fully integrated incident management and location mapping capabilities.
  • Offers multi-platform support for Web-based and remote communications.
  • Allows public safety personnel and first responders to make rapid, fully informed decisions in emergency situations.
  • Helps broadcast mass communication among citizens and agencies.