We help you find the technology that will transform your organization and enable innovation.

Why Tiptop Planet?

Digital transformation entails the creative use of technology without being constrained by any one system. Substantial transformation is possible when you hire a team with a breadth of knowledge in the entire enterprise systems market.

  • We take the time to get to know your organization, understand your operational model and find the right technology for your organization
  • Our consultants ensure consistent delivery based on collective experience
  • Through negotiations with vendors, we are able to save you money well in excess of our fees.

We analyse your organization’s unique requirements to determine your best technology options. We also consider associated costs, risks and benefits.


Single System

Best of Breed Systems

  • Lower technical complexity
  • Single platform for employees to learn
  • Tighter integration
  • Scale costs over more users
  • Can often find best solution for individual functions fewer functional trade offs
  • Fewer organizational change trade offs
  • Single system cannot be everything to everyone
  • More organizational change management trade offs and issues to manage
  • Higher technical and integration complexity
  • Data issues between systems
  • Scale costs over fewer users
What We Deliver
  • Task 1: Project Planning and Strategic Planning
  • Task 2: Define Current Systems Inventory
  • Task 3: Rationalize Current Systems
  • Task 4: Prioritize Changes
  • Task 5: Identify Applications Strategy
  • Task 6: Develop a Digital Transformation Strategy Road map
  • Task 7: Business Process Management
  • Task 8: Conduct Technical Fit Assessment
  • Task 9: Industry Analysis and Vendor Viability
  • Task 10: Vendor Evaluation and Selection
  • Task 11: Preliminary Cost Analysis
  • Task 12: Conduct Organizational and Business Readiness Assessment
  • Task 13: Vendor Negotiations
  • Task 14: Implementation Planning and Analysis
  • Task 15: Business Case Justification and Benefits Realization Plan
  • Task 16: Final Vendor Analysis and Decision