Tip Top Custom Development -Industry specific ERP

Tip Top Platform ecosystem provides a very Robust and Easy Application integration and development platform on which Building a custom Business Application has been Highly simplified it reduces 90% cost and time for application development with tested code that is ready for production.

A Tip Top Shell application can be downloaded after procuring the licensing by organizations and developers and simply start building their application writing custom code.

The shell application is already plugged into Tiptop Platform and has ready functional pipelines and services that are the core of any business application development

Application Service Bus :

The application is registered into TipTop Platform and provided unique Application- plugin- id and OAuth secret tokens that can be added to the web config of the shell application and it shall start working instantly.


  • Admin and Developers : The application and objects are registered and controlled from here this actually plugs in the applications and Machines to machines (IOT ) with full application control and management .




These applications can be contributed by the developers to our marketplace for use by other users of the industry.

We provide Ready custom applications and business solutions developed over latest technologies integrated with TipTop planet for many industries especially Hotel and service sector.


Ready Solutions