The Tip TOP  Municipalities is an out-of-the-box solution for cities and towns to manage all aspects of the public administration from one place. No infrastructure to buy, setup and maintain, just log-in and you get all the tools your administration needs from information through communication, service, and participation.

With Tip TOP  Municipalities your administration is more efficient and your citizens are happier!

CiRM  ( Citizen Relationship Management)

E -Participation and Citizen Relationship Management in Urban Governance Citizen relationship management (CiRM) is a combination of management approaches and information technologies for improving citizen services and citizen participation used at all levels of government. As an adaptation of private sector customer relationship management (CRM), CiRM is experiencing significant public sector adoption rates globally. However, while private sector CRM has demonstrated significant impact in the private sector. CiRM benefits are limited, and particularly lagging in the area of citizen e-participation in urban governance.

Everything you need

Tip TOP  Municipalities helps you achieve your mission – to inform, connect with, and serve citizens better. It gives you an abundance of out-of-the box tools to bridge the communication gap with citizens and manage service requests online with ease:

  • Request management
  • Service delivery workflows
  • Routing of service requests
  • Reports and dashboards
  • Citizen portal
  • Administration portal
  • Built-in CMS features
  • Mobile apps, etc.

Deliver improved city service at a lower cost

Reduce spending on IT infrastructure and legacy systems.

Currently, government services are rarely accessible or presented in a manner, convenient for constituents. Information is difficult to find, few services are available online. Tip TOP  Municipalities helps you bring online all relevant services related to the various stages in the life of citizens. Service delivery not only improves in quality, but also becomes more affordable, benefiting from cost-efficient cloud technology.

Setup your SERP platform in no time

Cirm Strategy Execution

Tip TOP  Municipalities goal is to significantly simplify the move to online government services.

Streamline workflows in the municipality

Eliminate heaps of paper, work smarter and faster.

We understand how local governments work - and we want to help them deliver better service, aligned with the growing pressure of cost efficiency. How does Tip TOP  Municipalities improve government performance? With simplified case management, service request routing, automated workflows, reporting tools, and many more usable and useful features. Leverage a scalable, fast, and secure cloud solution

High performance and government-grade security.

Hybrid Data Model helps the governments to maintain the data at their Data centers.