About Tiptop Planet Government Solutions 

We enable government entities and nonprofits worldwide to achieve economic, social and managerial success. We help to  effectively deliver Management and Software Consulting, Assessment and Auditing and Soft Infrastructure Consulting. Our specific services include the following:

TIPTOP Services 


  • Evaluation of current solutions and methodologies 
  • IT Strategy 


  • Technology Integration
  • Routing and workflows
  • Software implementation
  • Support Services 
  • Workforce Transition Management


  • Strategy Planning
  • Performance Metrics development
  • KPI and KRA development
  • KTS for Risk Management 
  • Communication and Collaboration analysis with Notification and messaging templates 
  • Project Recovery/Expert Witness Testimony


  • Business Process Re engineering
  • People process Re engineering


  • Human Resource Management
  • Time resource management
  • TQM Total Quality Management
  • Work flow Implementation and automation with  Artificial Intelligence and IOT
  • Government Digital Transformation
  • Vendor Contract Negotiations



  • Knowledge Management  
  • Human Resource Management
  • Skill development and training 
  • Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)



With our TIPTOP services ,  public sector organizations can find solutions that enable operational efficiency translating to increased return on citizenship. Return on citizenship can best be described as the amount of social value that citizens receive in return for their tax spent . Citizens expect the same level of service and responsiveness from corporate and government agencies alike so there is much more pressure for government institutions to react quickly and change for the better. We provide the oversight and guidance necessary to ensure high return on citizenship. 

Key Values and Strengths 

 We apply our proven methodology to all areas of our customers’ organization — infrastructure, management, audit services and technology. We have a  proven methodology  to minimize risk, accelerate implementation and increase the value of your project. We serve as trusted advisers by exercising fiduciary responsibility to our clients. In addition, we provide the following value to our client base:

  • Experience with SERP implementation
  • Experience in creating HUI for aligned and effective work force as service delivery is people dependent
  • Independent and technology-agnostic
  • Best practice and proprietary tools and methods
  • International group of consultants prepared to work on-site with your team
  • Consulting team with strong business, operational and technology backgrounds
  • Focus on achieving effectiveness with efficiency
  • Building score cards for insight into performance to granular level