Our service offerings utilize our Patented Utility Driven Modelling that is the root of any sustainable business ecosystem

The studies show that 75% of business software's including ERP fail in implementation is where  Biological thinking processes are involved. We have deep understanding of Bridging this Gap by finding what Processes or software's a business should adopt to streamline effective business technology and Techniques , we deliver following services. 

Software Consulting

  • SERP Software Selection
    • Software as a Service (SaaS)Selection
    • SERP Vendor and Contract Negotiations
  • SERP Implementation
    • SERP Implementation Planning 
  • SERP Staffing
  • SERP Project Management Oversight
  • SSERP Project Recovery

Management Consulting

  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Organizational Change Management
    • On-site SERP Training
  • IT and ERP Strategy

Assessment and Audit Services

  • Project Feasibility Analysis

Infrastructure Consulting

  • Disaster Recovery and Emergency Management
  • Smart Cities Projects 

How Do we Drive Successful SERP Projects?

To effectively meet and manage our clients’ needs, we employ a highly trained staff of SERP consultants full-time .Our team is trained in technology-agnostic methodologies, experience and research to make each client’s project a success.

What is TIPTOP Service?

        TIP: Technology Implementation and Planning  ( Efficiency )

       TOP: Techniques Operations and People              ( Effectiveness )  

Rather than focusing on one aspect of Technology implementation and planning , we equally focus on techniques of Operational effectiveness through people by using Objective modelling that can work as primary Artificial intelligence engine, making decision making easy and driving effectiveness  with optimal resource utilization for organizations. We try to provide following benefits to our clients-

  • Implement SERP software on-time and on-budget
  • Holistically address the business, organizational, process and technological aspects of a successful SERP software initiative
  • Incorporate measurable operational and business process improvements into your IT initiative
  • Minimize business risk and disruption throughout the Services, effectiveness and Resource planning software  implementation
  • Maximize measurable business benefits after the SERP “go-live”
  • Fix troubled or failed ERP and Business process implementations