The ORM module is designed with the view of how the customers would like to see you it has a plugin for most of the CRM and adds the functionality of making the CRM strategy Aligned so that scorecards can be created to monitor customer engagement also the integration with TipTop mail helps create contacts.

These days there are so many Guest Review sites where just a few guest post their reviews and a Reputation Index is created, ignoring thousands of guest who must have had a different opinion and views but who don't think it is easy to go and post reviews for you. Our ORM tool helps you get Real-Time feedback from your guest by simply logging into your site and their reviews are posted beside third-party site reviews ,thereby, creating a more realistic and predictive reputation of the company and its products.

The tool frees you from the clutches of being harassed by some sites and non-genuine guest who use these channels to take undue advantages.

The ORM module also gives insight into your customer perception and suggestions.

Negative comments can directly be pushed into the complaint management module for action and suggestive feedback can also be pushed into projects module to add or improve services and products.

The ORM is linked to the HRM module to directly add staff appreciations and complaints into their appraisals.