What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

A key enabler in accessing Internet of Things (IoT) resources as service end points is the M2M Application Programming Interface (API). The M2M API provides the means for the device to expose its capabilities and the services it may offer, so that remote machines may utilize them.Consequently, such APIs are necessary to enable proactive and transparent communication of devices, in order to invoke actions in IoT devices and receive the relating responses.

The main idea of IoT pipeline in our platform is to provide users and developers a simple interface that can use our workflow engine and our rule engine to develop IOT applications that can simplify the process of IOT integration.


Building an IOT Framework

The framework  will  consist  of   device  communication and discovery layer that helps in standardized communication  and  addressing  mechanism  that  will  help  in secured  communication  and  data  exchange  among  various devices in IoT environment like sensors, Wi-Fi devices, NFC devices, RFID devices and also actuators. 

The security layer  will  consists  of   essential   components   of   security   like  Authentication  component, Authorization component, Scheduling component, Activation component & Accounting component.   These   components   will   provide  privacy, Integrity,  confidentiality, usability  and also availability features.