Tip Top Mail User Document


Tip Top Mail is a dynamic business email solution that is for small and big businesses & enterprise organizations. It is a cloud-based architecture and let your data managed by you giving 100 % data privacy and security. At TT Mail we have created a ZERO INBOX with Artificial Intelligence supported Object based communication that

 -  Threads all the conversation based on object and

 -  Groups the conversations based on subjects

 Within this object allowing you to get all your messages in one place and extends collaboration with all the participants that’s why TT Mail is a complete industrial collaboration and communication tool.

 Once user logged in, very first he sees the homepage of tiptop people where he can switch to the other options like-

Work Space


My Profile




Tiptop Mail is a Strategic based Object Oriented Messenger which allows the user to use a Mailing Tool within the Organization for both the Company as well as Personal use.

 Tiptop mail is divided into three parts called “PANE”.

First pane refers verticals having two groups

1) Tenant Group

2) Personal Group.


Second pane refers grid having grid messages listed with object name.


Third pane refers message containing area shows the description of messages.



Let’s discuss these three panes in detail...



 As specified earlier, user can manage two ID's in Tiptop Mail. The first one is considered to be Company’s ID while the later one would be his Personal ID.

 The below image clearly the Two Id's a User can maintain.



Upon expanding these Tabs, the User would get the following sub-tabs as explained in the Image below-




 Compose Emails- The User can start sending E-mails by composing them by clicking on the Compose Button. Please refer to the image below



As soon as the User clicks on the Compose Button, it takes him to a new screen from where user can compose a new message, as shown below-



Here, in compose mail we have the following sections-

 Object name- Object name just like parent subject where you can create no. of child subject. In simple words, object name could not be changed while subject can; also we can have number of conversations in same object.

 Also when you forward or add new conversation in the same message then object (parent) subject will remain the same.



 Subject - Subject is child of object that can be changed during forwarding any mail or message or adding new conversation, it cannot be changed while we reply on any message or mail.




 Sender- Sender is the user who sends the message as shows in from option.



Here in this from, if user controls on Tenant folder then he can see his tenant features like Designation, mails and etc.


 To see personal folder details user needs to click on Personal folder.



TO - To refer for recipient to whom sender is intended to send message, recipient could be one or multiple depending upon the sender to how many persons he wish to add. For this we have to click on "To" button where user can see the "Add contact form."


In add contact form we have options as Add Group, Add External Contacts, Add Tip Top Contacts and Display Contact List.



ADD GROUP- In Add group only “super user” is having the permission to access and to modify. Normal business user cannot access it.