Tip Top Platform can be used to create exciting user experience by using AI with Machine learning and IOT  devices.


There is an amazing possibility to use this for Reservations, Reporting, FAQ, Concierge , Travel , Governments etc.

We are developing Object Command library that can be directly be called using object buttons and creating command sequences using command tag /o;"" . He can call his virtual assistant and just use /O;''reaching office'' and the AI will initiate a sequence to check whether to switch on the AC ,launch his MIS reports , notify the security schedule his meetings logical sequences and actions to drive the most complex workflows. Like a user can simply use voice command when he starts from his house to office to prepare his desk settings etc. These can be done using the AI console and creating /O ; commands.

 Our single platform has all the tree elements pipelines that opens a new world for future world that is Artificial intelligence.