TTS ORM module offers a task engine heart of any ORP that has been designed over 15 years of customer feedback and suggestions and helps get all the actions aligned with unique features like ready action knowledge base, resource planning and budgeting, efficiency and quality appraisal on the go, intelligent scheduler which stops until action is completed, checklist Management, categorization, flow control sequencing  and many many more features.

The ORM Work space is an amazing "Work Anywhere Anytime" app that gets all the actions and initiatives related list with its reports , communication , discussion- all at one place making it simpler and effective for the workforce. The strong user defined rules help create individual work space.

Our Work space is the most feature packed Action engine in comparison to any other Task Management Solutions available. Also our unique ( Patent Pending ) scheduling and scoring feature is one of its kind ever featured.

Try and feel the difference !!


We know the Money is generated by the customer through the delivery of goods and services and most Finance Management Systems  focus on the Profit and loss but real result lies on how well the inventory was utilized so a strong integration with ORM, HRM and CRM helps the FRM create lead indicators of where you will be when rather then worrying about what happened as hat can not be reversed so help control your future with our FRM 

Most of the FRM modules are value driven models we have unique Utility Analysis Module that helps you gauge how well your resources are being utilized as value is perceived while Utility is actual.

The whole FRM module is focused on Asset Management with a complete asset management and utilization management

The unique idea of decoupled Organization management and employees is a unique concept of the TTS HAM Module where in unlimited of organizations , management structures and employees can be independently created and plugged in with each other through the TTP that provides and play this saves repetition of work whenever there is a change in hierarchy tree. check for more

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