The organizations and governments have been growing organically  for many years, with multiple organizations of varying purposes and sizes. Some organizations were formed to address a particular issue, and disbanded once that activity was completed. Some organizations have existed for some time despite being run out of the living rooms of leaders over the years. Many have not always – or ever – had good record keeping practices.

We have tools that help create a Resource Library to collect records of these organizations. When the organizations are still active and have established administrative routines, acquiring and describing the records is a fairly straightforward task. But for those organizations that have ceased to exist or that have endured periods of poor record keeping practices, records can be found scattered among these and it is a cumbersome process tracking these with our solution the files or records can be given a resource id and digitized for the purpose of access and stored at the central repository Library and tracked from there.

Our Record collaboration platform helps organize these scattered resources.


The TTS Resource Management module helps identify your resources Man , Material , Machines and knowledge and provides Silos where you can store and recall them at a click of a button.

The TipTopPlatform project has got new innovation into ERP industry where the complexities of processes have been taken care by complex computing and processing making user experience very simple and easy .

The platform links the users, businesses and developers as the architecture has been designed in a way that all three have individual identities but are plugged to the platform thereby linking all three of them the large API library provides major ERP tools while it provides for developers to add custom API to the platform as its based on plug and play technology .

The project provides a ready application infrastructure like SSO, Communication engine, Activity engine, utility engine, organizational hierarchy , employee management, payroll and host of other features including forecast, budgeting reporting etc.

Try today and see yourself.

The TTS Resource manager helps you Define silos and record your assets in the form of physical assets, Financial assets , Customer assets or Human assets

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