Technology to help Contain COVID-19 with in Business continuity Plan

We are committed to providing business and governments technology to contain the COVID-19 and also our work from anywhere cloud applications are ready to run day1 for providing Business Continuity plan  

Covid19 comes under a National disaster Management  category as we are fighting in a unknown territory


Challenges and threats for Pandemic Management teams:

•The infrastructure Demand of healthcare facilities and Administration Management teams is highly variable and the current models of healthcare facilities are already overloaded with the conventional demand hence it requires a very agile and flexible Organization setup and  Workforce Planning Platform
•Ready Virtual organization setups with complete infrastructure setup and operations checklist and work list  these Virtual units can be replicated and switched on and off at a click of button and all stake holders automatically have their roles and responsibilities pushed to them instantly from a central console.

•A unilateral Collaboration platform and operations manual will be required to fasten the process of operational guidelines and processes along with uniform  standards can be followed and rapid setups are possible


•Work from anywhere solutions so that  delay in hardware and unnecessary load of back office teams can be reduced at hospitals and citizen services  using collaboration and communication tools .
•Since most of the teams in disaster situation are required to perform a new challenging work that is different from their routine work loads hence a effective  on boarding solution linked to LMS and KMS is required so that on boarding can be automated

•Workforce workload balancing tool id required so that right skills can be used at right places.
•Since the infrastructure would require temporary makeshift hospitals and other facilities a Robust cloud based Workforce monitoring tool is required

•Since the whole pandemic is having a variable workload on hourly basis requiring variable resource channelization with speed and ease along with variable workforce scheduling a integrated tool is required for using cognitive intelligence to guide the administration on balancing these three factors

•Sine the workforce involved in this disaster management requires a efficient monitoring related  to their location, hygiene activities IOT  solutions are required to monitor them like Facial recognition, sensitization  dispensers, mask on detectors , body temperature measure , social distancing alerts etc and all these need to logged with employee records a IOT integrated platform is required 
•Bulletin , tactical information , Broadcasting information , display board on latest news and events for personnel and citizens based on their category can be broadcast-ed

•Ticket Management and help lines  that can use cognitive intelligence to assign these work on best and available resource and monitor their outcome

•Object driven Data analytics to track the KPI , KRA and KTS and use the valuable patient data for statistical evaluation to use AI modeling on understanding the different dimensions of load and performance .

•Citizen participation so that patients can create their own profile online and start online consultation with online doctors that are working from home and are high risk due to their age

•Monitoring Mobile teams that are providing doorstep services 

We have the Ready to run Day 1 Cloud hosted SERP Platform that provides a answer to all the requirements stated above


SERP  solution was tried for a pilot project by The Health Education Department Government of Rajasthan in the month of January 2020 for their two hospitals in Jaipur and the conclusion of this project study as per the consultants and teams of doctors who implemented are as below:


Conclusions and Recommendations

 ”There  are  many  different  methods  for undertaking  an  activity  analysis,  each  with varying degrees of accuracy and cost. The SERP  method  deliberately  sets  out  to  simplify  the process. Necessarily, this results in organic activity based organization charts that are capable of doing a 360 degrees comparison and balance in workloads with the help of AI .

Despite  its  relative  simplicity,  the SERP method can appear complex to the untrained eye. but as the implementation proceeds is quite easy and effective as total implementation at these  hospital took 30 days and with no major training the available staff could do the implementation.

Just the organizing of staffing charts has resulted in a saving of 22% just with the strategy alignment tool but as we progress with the operational management with SERP there is expected a further saving of 20% making it a total of around 40% which is a substantial amount.

Also there is no current method to control the quality, address complaints , balance workload to grade as expensive people are doing lower grade work.”


SERP Stage 5 Workforce Management Solution



•Multi Identity Organization chart
•Organization identity ( Employment Identity )
•Department identity  ( Work Identity )
•User identity                ( IM for one click on boarding and off boarding )
•SERP ORP ( Operational Resource planning )
•Cognitive Work planner and scheduler that balances
•Workload based on variable demand
•Role and skill  with Responsibility Management using Handover and takeover
•Location and Time logs for each activity
•Rules based activity start and stop
•Task/Milestones/Projects/Tickets/Service Request/meetings/calendar/drag and drop work organizer
•Roaster Setting  ( AI driven shift suggestion for compliant shifts and activity based scheduling) Maximizing  effective Work hours (optimizing  shift hours vs daily activity hours   
•Workforce Cost control  ( AI driven employee grade, work grade and activity grade algorithm for optimal cost)
•AHLTS: services (integrated into all activities) with facial recognition with thermal scan to      combat latest social challenges raised due to virus, Allows Work from anywhere

Asset Management with IOT integration  for asset tracking 


•SERP HR Analyzer : A Cognitive Controller to Automate or alert on imbalance in following
•Variable Work demand
•Cognitive Automated rule based work activation based on demand factors role certification and efficiency metrics using  Data Analytics and AI
•Variable Resource Location
•Cognitive Alert on imbalance in employee location. Asset location and work location.
•AHLTS  Asset and Employee real time tracking
•Variable Manpower Availability
•Cognitive shifting of work to best available employee balancing the workload in case of new demand or employee absenteeism or not tracked
•employee shift preferences
• Cognitive compliant shift hours
•Variable Manpower cost
•Cognitive alert if work grade, organization grade and employee grade imbalanced
•Cognitive Role and Skill Analyzer alerting  employee Certification and training to  optimize efficiency    ( AI driven easy selection based on certification and historical performance data to shortlist the best talent).
•One score metrics based on all factors effecting Services effectiveness and Resources Planning for HR
•Cognitive Alerts and Notification tracked with real time scenarios


•KTS ( Key trigger switched to control all elastic boundaries of the Eco system
 SERP Applications Integrated with Stage 5 Workforce Management solution


•Communication Platform ( mails/messages/alerts/chat/notifications/contacts)


•LMS ( fast track training of teams)
•Self certification and auto induction
•Performance Appraisals


•WIKI : KMS and Collobration Platform  ( One version of organization information to build and share knowledge and experiences among all teams ( Manual/ Procedures and Policies/ bulletin/ Blogs /guidelines etc.).


•Recruitment Management
•Dynamic Job posting alerts for opening and closing positions based on Variable Work load
•Organic  Job description
•IOT engine ( Manage and IOT device from asset Management itself using our IOT Servers)


SERP Stage 5  AHLTS service with IOT Integration

The Assets and Humans can be tracked  using our most advanced AHLTS service to track  ( Asset & Human in relation to location and Time)  the main highlights of this service are :


Touch less attendance using their Facial recognition devices that recognize the body temperature and mask on and sanitizer attachments 


Anywhere attendance using our mobile App which has a inbuilt (AHLTS )


IOT Devices supported for Authentication

Facial Recognition


Geo Location and Geo Fencing

Manual punch

Biometric Machines